Wednesday 30 November 2011

Rating System and Labels/Tags

Despite initially deciding not to have any kind of rating system for the books I read and write about I’ve now completely changed my mind. I have realized that it is a useful way in which people can access a record of all books of a certain quality via the labels/tags at the end of each post. Although in the book clubs at Subiaco Library we rank each book out of ten, I wanted to move away from the scenario of curtly giving a book that an author may have worked on for years 3 out of 10 and then sending it on its way. I mostly try and refrain from being too harsh a critic. But hey, value judgments are usually made when you are dealing with any work of art. Most people usually have some idea about whether they like a book or not and compare and contrast it with others they’ve read. I’m no different really.

A label/tag is a good way to not make ratings too obvious but also allows readers a quick way to access the kind of books they may want to read or those they’d like to avoid. The rating system is as follows and is mostly self explanatory:


I do try to read what I think will be quality books, so there shouldn’t be too many reprehensible books. Although if I was writing this blog when I read The Finkler Question for the book club it certainly would have earned a reprehensible label/tag! Sorry Howard Jacobson, but your book was reprehensible (def: deserving censure or condemnation). Books that are given the sublime label/tag should also be in the minority. They really will need to be absolutely amazing to deserve the sublime label/tag. Remember that there is a certain level of subjectivity when it comes to passing judgment and you may totally disagree with me regarding the rating and what I say about a book. Be sure to let me know if you think I’m wrong.

I will also be labeling/tagging books by type or genre in order to allow easy access to particular kinds of books. There may be people who just want to know about the science fiction books I read, for example. Also look out for more unusual labels/tags – there will be some fun to be had. That’s also something else I’ve realized – labels/tags are fun.


  1. Hi Jeremy,

    I'm enjoying the blog so far. Hopefully you won't be forced to review too many reprehensible examples of the calibre of The Finkler Question. I think you're right about the labels though - I would be interested to know about what science fiction books you're reading!

    I'm enjoying Possession. Sometimes I wish it would speed up a bit, it seems to build suspense then lose it without any climax, but I like the sleuthing part of it.

    See you soon,


  2. So you didn't want to go for 'from the ridiculous to the sublime'? :):) Looking forward to seeing your sublime recommendations (hopefully some of them aren't science fiction - or I may be converted... ) Enjoying the Blog (Lovin San Fran) :)

  3. If anyone wants to get into science fiction then Iain M Banks is a great place to start. Intelligent,wildly imaginative and he's also quality writer.

    Hope you've got a flower in your hair Colleen ;)

  4. Hey, in NY now and went to a store called 'Vinyl Wine', it was brill - I took photos for you :)

  5. Wow!!!! A store that has two of my favourite things!!!!

    Jealous ;)

  6. Ha! Love them! Way better than 'star' or 'number' ratings. You are by far more cultured than I am. for example, I would have used 'bog paper' for the bottom rating. ;)